White Knight (Regal) - Water Soluble

This is Hybrid Poly-Acrylic Coating. It is Ceramic loaded and Titanuim filled water base coating with the added strength of Acrylics. Introduced in the year 2000 by Sreechem Resins Ltd, in technical collaboration with M W G Ltd. U.K. It is a water proofing and thermo-shield coating. The ceramic microspheres technology uses vacuum inside each microscope ceramic sphere creating a thermal reflective layer blocking 90% of infra red heat resulting in a dramatic reduction of heat infiltration.

The long lasting architectural, specialty coating additive, has been engineered to reflect UV & IR solar spectrums which create a R-value of as much as 20. This coating subsequently reduces the overall exterior temperature by as much as 40%, as well as reducing sun damage and increasing the life of the product. It provides a thermal barrier which reflects sun’s rays/heat away from the substrate.

Benefits of Thermal Insulation coating WhiteKnight.

1. Replaces age old MUD PHASKA.
2. Saves 5 – 7 % of power consumption.
3. Improves building comforts.
4. Reduces heat & cooling energy.
5. Building maintenance is reduced.
6. Eco-friendly, water soluble, washable. Does not contain heavy metal and other hazardous substances.
7. Retards dust, fungus, algae.
8. Good adherence to cement, wood & metal. Can be applied with any conventional method like brush, spray or trowel.
9. Color of your choice can be made using universal stainers.
10. Maintains good effects within the temperature range of – 40oC to 100oC.
11. If used on over head tanks, keeps water cool in summers & warm in winters.
12. Use on East-west walls & inside room retards heat loss from room during winters & works as ultra violet radiation barrier in summer.

It offers excellent adhesion on all types of surfaces, like concrete, wood, nonferrous metals, plastics and this has properties of Fungal Resistance and Algal Resistance.

It is "the" most cost effective high quality Acrylic coating for your interior and exterior application. It is better than the highly promoted products available in the market. Interior grade coating is also available, which is better than Velvet available in the market.


1. The first coat of WHITE KNIGHT – ECOTOUCH can be used as primer coating as mentioned in the table below.
2. Give second and subsequent coats of WHITE KNIGHT-ECOTOUCH (for external surfaces) or WHITE KNIGHT- REGAL (for internal surfaces) in the ratio as per the table below.
3. Excellent properties in three/four coats.
4. Material is tintable and it can be done with any color of your choice.
5. Make sure that the gap between each coat is at least 6 Hours to get the best effect of the heat protection treatment.

Additional Notes
» There is no need to use Primer
» This solution acts as a primer
» Check if the finishing coat is up to your satisfaction or not
» Coarser sand on the surface may necessasitate another coating
» Material is tintable and you can do the tinting with any color of your choice


Instructions for use - External Grade

For Roofs and external walls. Best results with three coats of White Knight Ecotouch.
To be used in the ratio of coating and water as below.

Ratio Coverage Per Ltr (Approx)
1st coat 1:0.5
2nd coat 1:0.2
3rd coat 1:0.2
50-60 Sq Ft
50-60 Sq Ft
50-60 Sq Ft


Instructions for use - Internal Grade

For internal walls - Best results with three coats of White Knight Regal.
To be used in the ratio of coating and water as below.

Ratio Coverage Per Ltr (Approx)
1st coat 1:0.5
2nd coat 1:0.2
3rd coat 1:0.2
60-80 Sq Ft
60-80 Sq Ft
60-80 Sq Ft

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White Knight Typical Properties
Areas of use Concrete, Asbestos, Primer coating on Steels & Plastics
Thinner Ordinary drinking water
Consistency Smooth
Thinning Ratio (by volume) 1:0.5 for the first coat and subsequent coats
Method of Application By Brush / Roller / Spray
Coverage 70+10 sq.ft.per kg/ coat with flat brush (depends on the surface preparation)
Touch Dry 30 minutes
Complete dry 24 Hours
Recotability Time 2-3 hours (Temp.30deg. C,Relative humidity 60-65%)
Finish Smooth
Shades Tin table white & other Shades
Packaging 1kg, 5kg,10 kg & 20 kgs in plastic containers



If over thinning of material is done, then it will not give proper results. If instructions are properly followed, then this coating may prove to be the most economical and performance oriented.


This coating is not a Fire hazard, but, precaution should be taken by wearing protective clothing, like gloves and goggles to protect the eyes.


WHITE KNIGHT-Ecotouch-(EXTERNAL): 50-60 sq.ft./kg., depending on the base surface preparation.
WHITE KNIGHT-Regal-(INTERIOR): 60-80 sq. ft. kg depending on the base surface preparation.

वाइट नाइट इको टच (WS)

WS - Water Soluble (वाटर सॉल्युबल)
भारत में पहली बार सिरेमिक के फाइन पाउडर में माइक्रो-स्फीयर तकनीक के द्वारा खोखले स्फीयर तैयार किये जाते हैं| इन खोखले स्फीयर्स को ऐक्रेलिक बाइंडर में मिलाकर सिरेमिक पेंट बनाया जाता है|

इस पेंट की ३ कोटिंग ६-६ घंटे के अंतराल पर लगाएं| इसके बाद सूर्य की यु.वी. किरणें (अल्ट्रा वायलेट - 90% गर्मी) छत, पानी की टंकी, और घर की दीवारों से टकराकर वापस लौट जाएंगी और आपको ९०% गर्मी से बचाव हो जाएगा| जिससे आपके घर के भीतर का तापमान ८°सेंटीग्रेड और छत या बाहरी दीवारों का तापमान २०°सेंटीग्रेड कम हो जाता है|

साथ ही सेरामिक कोटिंग होने के कारण, वाटर प्रूफिंग का काम भी करती है, जो सर्दी, गर्मी, और बरसात सभी मौसमों में काम करती है |



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