White Knight Ecotouch - Hybrid Poly-Acrylic Coating

This is Hybrid Poly-Acrylic Coating. It is Ceramic loaded and Titanuim filled water base coating with the added strength of Acrylics. Excellent adhesion on all types of surfaces, like concrete, wood , nonferrous metals, plastics and this has got properties of Fungal Resistance and Algal Resistance.

The most cost effective Acrylic coating for your interior and exterior application with 100 % quality. It is equivalent to the best products of Berger Paints, Asian Paints and other prime exterior grade coating. Interior grade coating is also available, which is equivalent to Velvet Touch of ICI.


Instructions for use

» Check the wall surface and smooth the coarse surface.
» Coat the wall with Cement Primer.
» Mix one part of Whiteknight with 0.5 part of water and use it on wall already coated.
» Give two coats for better finishing.
» If the finishing coat is not up to your satisfaction due coarser sand surface, give a third coat.
    » Excellent properties in two coats.
    » Material is tintable and you can do the tinting with Pthalocynic base pigment concentrates.
    » This avoids colour fading.

Mixing method

  » First & subsequent coats should be given by mixing one part of the coating with 0.5 part of water
  » The mixing ratio is 1:0.5.


If over thinning of material is done, then it will not give proper results. If instructions are properly followed, then this coating may prove to be the most economical and performance oriented.

Safety information

This coating is not a Fire hazard, but, precaution should be taken by wearing protective clothing, like gloves and goggles to protect the eyes.

Application method for White Knight - Ecotouch (EXTERNAL)

First coat should be given by mixing one part of the coating with half a part of water, i.e. mixing ratio 1:0.5. Second and subsequent coat should be giving by mixing one part of the coating with half a part of water, i.e. mixing ratio 1:0.5.

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White Knight Typical Properties
Areas of use Concrete, Asbestos, Primer coating on Steels & Plastics
Thinner Ordinary drinking water
Consistency Smooth
Thinning Ratio (by volume) 1:0.5 for the first coat and subsequent coats
Method of Application By Brush / Roller / Spray
Coverage 70+10 sq.ft.per kg/ coat with flat brush (depends on the surface preparation)
Touch Dry 30 minutes
Complete dry 24 Hours
Recotability Time 2-3 hours (Temp.30deg. C,Relative humidity 60-65%)
Finish Smooth
Shades Tin table white & other Shades
Packaging 20 kg in plastic containers




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