Topcoat Black - Single Pack Liquid Polymer

Topcat Black is a single pack liquid polymer. It forms a tough protective coating on Iron and steel, metals, concrete, machinery equipment, marine fixtures, pipeline. It resists water, retards rust and corrosion. It forms a film, which is Ultra violet stable and does not allow to fade or discolor in sunlight.

Topcoat Black is quick drying, long lasting and protect Oxidation, Fungus, Corrosion and Salt Petre formation. forms a flexible clear plastic coating which is ultra violet staple and does not fade or discolour in sunlight. It is quick drying, long lasting and protects oxidation, fungus and corrosion. Topcoat Black does not need any primer, etching, or phosphating. This paint can be applied directly even on zinc plate. Topcoat has brine sea water corrosion resistance.

This coating is a ceramic loaded and Titanium filled water base coating with the added strength of Acrylics. This coating has excellent adhesion on all types of surfaces, like concrete, wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics and this has got properties of Fungal Resistance. Alkali Resistance and Acid Resistance.

First time in India, one of the cheapest Acrylic Coating for your exterior application with 100% quality, is equivalent to the best product of Berger, Asian and other prime exterior grade coating. Interior grade coating is also available, which is equivalent to Velvet Touch of ICI.

Directions for use

Surface preparation is the most important step before application of this coating. The surface must be dry and it must be free from dirt, paint, oil , grease, fungus etc. For best result; three coats should be applied. Second coat should be applied when the first coat is dry. This Top Coat Black is Toluene solvent based. If needed shall be diluted by MTO.


This single component liquid when applied on Iron or other metal surface forms a tough film, which has excellent adhesion to applied surface. The film is totally rust proof and resistant to chemicals (Acids and alkalies) & pollution attack.


Appearance: Black
Specific Gravity: 0.9
Coverage: 100 to 120 sq.ft. per litre per coat depending on base surface.
Packing: 20 Litre bucket

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Topcoat Black properties & advantages

» Appearacnce Black
» Very economical & easy to use
» Does not fade or discolour in sunlight and rain
» Excellent adhesion to the applied surface
» Resistant to dilute acid and alkalis
» Resists fungus and moss growth
» Unaffected by Ultra violet rays
» Retards Rust and Salt Petre formation




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