Neem Extract Powder (Azadirachtin Technical)

Azadirachtin (Technical) is the extract of neem kernel (seed / beej)with concentration available from 10 % - 32 % w/w and the rest other triterpeniods. Azaidrachtin has been identified as neem’s principal active compound. It acts on insects by repelling them, inhibiting feeding, and disrupting their growth, metamorphosis and reproduction and hatching rates. It affects egg production and hatching rates. In larvae, azadirachtin can inhibit molting, preventing them from developing into pupae. Azadirachtin works especially well to protect plants from defoliation with out affecting beneficial pollinating insects.

Neem extract uses

Azadirachtin (Technical) is used as the basic raw material in the formulations of Neem based biopesticides, veterinary care products and herbal preparations. Azadirachtin (Technical) holds out the promise of providing a highly effective, non-toxic and environmentally harmless means of controlling or eliminating the insect pests which causes damages to crops.

Neem Extract Physiochemical Properties

Generic Name: Azadirachtin
Empirical formula: Aza A C35H44O16 | Aza B C33H42O14
Molecular Weight: Aza A 720 | Aza B 662
Chemical Family: Tetranortriterpenoids
Colour: Pale Cream / Off white
Composition: Azadirachtin 15% to 32% w/w

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